Tuesday, 23 October 2012


How HAPPY I was when my eldest child completed his Degree with Honors in Engineering, after many years behind, too tired for me and this what I get from kids...

!4th October, 2012....My Happy Days.

With my kids....this graduation day inspire my other 3 kids.

Left [Norjanah (my sister in law), Myself, Dyg Habibah ( my cousin) and in front is my daughter, Sharifah Hanipah.]

Happy Reading.

Friday, 18 November 2011


[What is Laksa or Laksa Sarawak?]

Prepared for the Soup [with Laksa paste]

  • Boil the chicken breast and prawns to get stock individually. Sieve and retain the stock. Once cooked, remove and drain or toast them aside. 

  • Grated coconut mixed with cold water to get the milk.

  • Then, mix laksa paste with little bit of boiling water of chicken stock. Sieve them and pour into the boiling pot. Do this for 3 times. Then keep aside the waste paste.

  • Heat and stir the soup, add salt and lastly, add coconut milk not too much; by estimate.

Instruction for the preparation.

  • Socked the package noodle (Bee Hoon) with cold water until soft. Drain.

  • Then shred the chicken meat. Leave the prawns as it is with its heads on.

  • Boil water to blanch the noodles and bean sprout. Blanch the noodles and drain. Blanch the bean sprout and ensure it remains crisp.

  • Heat the Frying pan; the beaten eggs to makes egg pancakes; makes until finished. Stripe the eggs.

  • Clean and wash the coriander leaves.

Preparation for eating “Laksa”

Add a small portion of noodles into a bowl. Add a small amount of bean sprout, prawn, shredded chicken and egg strips.
Scoop the gravy into the bowl. Garnish with coriander leaves.

This can be taken with sambal belacan and lime.

My tips for Laksa soup:

Leave the chicken bone in the soup after already taken the meat;
Secondly, add 1 or 2 beef bone, boiling together in the soup, too.
This will give more delish taste J

When  time cooking, I always ESTIMATE unlike Baking.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Yes, I really like both [COOKING AND BAKING]...one of my great hobby. I have many favorite foods.

During my younger days...I really like baking Biscuits rather then baking Cakes only. At that time, I am less in doing cooking. But I just do the simple cooking for the family.

My first experience in the kitchen was 12 years old. Began from here, know more about cooking. Of course, we learned from easy to complicated one. Before  reached at the age of 12 years old, I also do helped my mother baked  and steamed simple traditional cakes.

After I settle down with my ex-hubby...I learnt more from my late mother and my late ex mother in law....this refer to cooking. Both of them are very expert in cooking. They both ever become teacher in cooking at Police Camp and my late ex mother in law ever teach at Military Camp.They ever get side income from here.

Of course, get some knowledge like tips J

Anyway...here is me...tried to retrieve everything ...what I have learned before.

In here, we can modify many kinds of recipes.

Different People have Different Taste.

Different Country has Different Recipes.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What is Laksa or Laksa Sarawak?

What is Laksa Sarawak?

Firstly, we should know the paste: it has ingredients to complete the paste where it is known as Sambal Laksa. There are varieties of paste branding can be found at the market or any super market in town. I usually used A1 brand to make Laksa and it is the first sambal sells in the market. Sometimes we can make our own paste by follow the ingredients. The paste is very spicy and hot.

This paste is to make the soup for the Laksa Sarawak. The soup complete with chicken soup and add with coconut milk. 

What are the things to be ready for the Laksa?
[for 1 Big Family]

Bee Hoon [Rice Vermicelli] Noodle – 2- 3 package, 1 whole of breast chicken, 10 eggs, 1 kg of bean sprout, 1 kg of prawns, 1 coconut [grated to get the milk], Dried Chili, Belacan [shrimp paste make into dough and dry], Lime and Coriander leaves [Daun Ketumber].

This is how to prepare.



LAKSA SARAWAK is really famous in my country: another recipe from Chinese Nonya Indonesian as she called these recipes named only “LAKSA”. Now, year 1990s, I noticed that it was given with this named “Laksa Sarawak”.

Actually, Laksa Sarawak was found by one Chinese Nonya Indonsian who stayed in Sarawak. She was great friend of my mother’s friend, [ex-police wife]. Many still doesn’t know who brought this recipe.

Laksa Sarawak was known by year beginning 1970s; and so famous or well-known in Malaysia nowadays.

My first eating Laksa Sarawak was in 1973: during my mother had their Police Day Sale at ST Thomas.

So this is the history about “LAKSA” on how it gets its named.

Monday, 7 November 2011

HALIMAH KITCHEN - how I get the Branding....

HALIMAH KITCHEN – briefly that I am taking my late mother’s name [HALIMAH], as her named was DAYANG HALIMAH BT ABANG HAJI LATIP; second daughter or child in the family. HALIMAH KITCHEN is the branding of my family business that is Koperasi Keluarga Abang Abdillah Berhad.

More about her……She died in 15th November, 1997 at aged of 62, from two diagnoses, i.e. Cervix and Bone Cancer. The sickness was taking about 8 years until she left. 

She was very LOVING and CARING mother. She loves kids, gardening, cooking and baking. I won’t forget that she also GREAT in tailoring and cooking. She learnt many new things from her friends and family. The behavior of her is that she liked to modify recipes and exchanged recipes. She liked invited family and friends to house, no matter how busy she was. Anyway, she was happy that all her children’s are in good education. I, my brothers and sister very thankful to her on how she had raised us up with well educated. Nobody can take her places. By the way, that is all briefly about her. 

This is why I am using her name as a Branding. This is now, I am searching all the best recipes she ever made for sharing.


With my 3rd son,  Syed Yusuf Al Edrus

My name Dayang Habsahton bt Abang Abdillah, mother of 5 children, raise them with full education, who always remembered in the mind of every mother who like to see the success of their children. I know it's not easy to educate or care for them on one hand that I was a single mother since 2001.

Feel so FREEDOM where I can do more works or anything freely. No chain around me....hehe.

My behavior is always wanted to be in success for everything, such like to myself, my kids and my business. I never give up for my future time towards success. I used to solve my problems with my two elder sons that their mindset thinking is much matured. We have been working and struggle very hard for the future.

On the Graduation Day of my 2nd son [May 2011]
[Syed Anwar Al Edrus]

On the Graduation Day of my 1st son eldest - centre [Syed Zain Al Edrus]

This year, we stop temporarily this investment for the outsiders due to our short of hands and hard for us to focus or fully concentration.  

And as I know that with this Forex Investment everything has change my life and my way of living, too. Now I am notice that it is really workout as proven, with these opportunities and unforgettable with the help of my two sons after struggle very hard, meet new people or friends from net, learnt all the techniques and skill, towards our future. Hoping it will grow more and faster to the GOLDEN WORLD.

Apart from investment, I am doing creative or handcraft for Home Business Base. This is mainly for unemployed mother or any single mother to get extra income.


By Habsah61